Masters: laboratory rotations

Laboratory rotations allow students to experience different laboratory techniques, begin networking and learn about the many possible paths pharmacology and toxicology graduate students can take. Students are encouraged to look through the pharmacology and toxicology faculty list and read about the different areas of research and contact faculty members about potential space and projects students could complete in their laboratory. Evaluations (pdf) are performed at the end of each rotation.

Plan I (Thesis) - Laboratory Rotations

Plan I masters students are strongly encouraged to identify a major professor and laboratory as soon as possible, even before the beginning of their first year. Students who have not selected a major professor and laboratory can do up to two 5-week laboratory rotation projects during the fall (3-6 credit units per quarter) and then choose a lab for their thesis research starting in the winter quarter of the first year. As soon as Plan I masters students have established a satisfactory arrangement with a Major Professor, they are encouraged to begin their thesis research work.

Students in Plan I must present the results of their research in the winter and spring quarters (first year) along with the doctoral students (PTX 290 Laboratory rotation presentations).