Doctoral: Advanced Classes

Advanced Graduate Courses

Students need at least 13 units of elective courses in both advanced pharmacology and toxicology and in breadth topics.

Advanced Graduate courses in Pharmacology/Toxicology (at least 8 units)

These courses take the basic foundation leaned in the core curriculum and expand it to cover several topics including neurotoxicology, analysis of toxicants and toxicant/drug metabolism. These classes are generally taken either at the end of the first year or during the second year.

Advanced graduate level coursework (at least 5 units)

Also called the "Breadth requirement," these courses let you explore other areas of science and learn how to apply your core curriculum to several topics. This helps students think about interdisciplinary research and bring new insight to their studies. Examples include courses in morphology, biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, immunology, pathology, epidemiology or molecular biology.

In some instances professional or upper division undergraduate courses may be taken to fulfill the elective course unit requirements. Students should consult with their graduate adviser for acceptable choices. The required elective courses should provide depth in the student's area of research. A list of potential elective courses is provided to all incoming students.

The best source of information about courses is the UC Davis General Catalog, which is available in the bookstore, in department offices, and on-line. Relevant courses are listed under departments (note that departments in the schools of Engineering, Medicine and Vet Medicine are sub-listed under "E," "M" and "V," respectively, in the catalog) or under graduate groups (e.g. Genetics, Immunology).

Five weeks prior to the start of every quarter, the Class Schedule & Registration Guide can be obtained in the same places. Confirm the availability of graduate courses, which may differ from the listings in the General Catalog.

**Watch for new courses announced by posted fliers and e-mail**

Graduate-level courses are numbered 200-299.

Undergraduate, upper division courses are numbered 100-199. Many are good for background, especially in areas you might not have covered as an undergraduate. They will not count toward the requirement for 3 units of graded, graduate elective courses.

Both graduate and upper division undergraduate courses are counted in your GPA.

Seminars (at least 6 units)

A total of 6 seminar courses are required in the first 2 years of the graduate program. CRN numbers for the proper course(s) are available from the graduate administrative assistant. During quarters in which PTX seminars are not required (e.g. winter quarters), students should select seminars in an area of their interest. As an example, ETX 290 is offered in winter quarter and would be an appropriate choice for MS students enrolled in the PTX GG. All students are expected to take a course in The Responsible Conduct of Research; several existing seminars fulfill this requirement. A list of potential seminars is provided to all incoming students and includes both PTX290 seminars covering topics such as meeting the faculty and grant writing, and elective seminars in many areas of research such as immunology and microbiology.