Masters: Pre-Qualifying Exam

All M.S. students must pass a written prequalifying exam that focuses on testing basic competence in pharmacology and toxicology and will be based on material presented in PTX 201, 202, and 203. This part of the exam will test the depth of a student's factual knowledge, and ability to integrate that knowledge into coherent written responses. The examination will be administered to all students (M.S. and Ph.D.) in the program simultaneously within a month of completion of spring quarter, first year. The examination will be prepared by the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) with assistance from the instructors in the PTX 200 series. Students not receiving a passing grade on the exam will be required to remediate the deficiencies prior to the beginning of their 2nd year. The remediation will be determined by the faculty member who wrote the question with approval of CEP. Failure to pass the remediation exam may result in a recommendation for disqualification from the program.